Greetings From Baghdad


In our journey of GOLF SMARTER listeners hitting golf shots from around the world, here’s one from the bunker…literally. Major James Hartman has been writing to us regularly since his return from duty in Iraq. In this photo, he’s receiving tips from Tom Watson at the Command Sergeant Major Lankford Memorial Driving Range in Baghdad, a practice facility that Jim was critical in initiating. The dedication of the driving range was done by Watson, Butch Harmon, Tom Lehman, and David Feherty, among others. Jim says that he caught the golf bug after taking his first swing in Baghdad. “I’ve been rocketed and received small arms fire while trying to figure out how to hit an iron,” says Major Hartman, “after that, there’s not much that should frustrate my swing.” His only concern now is how to get used to hitting balls while not wearing combat boots.

Thanks, Jim and welcome home.