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Now the highest rated, longest running golf podcast in both iTunes, GOLF SMARTER provides course management strategy, tips, drills, advice, and insights from PGA Professionals for golfers of all skill levels searching for ways to raise their golf IQ and lower their scores.

Protiviti's highly regarded thought leadership extends to its podcast series, which features episodes on key issues and challenges today’s organizations are facing amid a challenging and competitive global business climate.

Radio Baseball Cards® are a series of amazing and amusing stories as told by the greatest Major Leaguer Baseball players of the 20th Century. Originally produced in 1987, this show also celebrated the 40th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier by having Jackie's teammates, opponents, and admirers share their feelings of how he changed baseball and our country forever.

Affordable Housing Podcast

The Affordable Housing Podcast, brought to you by Eden Housing, explores the issues and challenges being faced in affordable housing today. Topics include regional and national trends, inclusionary housing, government funding, and the role of private developers in helping to provide workforce housing.


Podcasts increase web traffic, add perceived value to your brand, and offer an intimate voice that communicates with your clientele.


Communities of Passion


Showcase your expertise and enhance your brand! There are millions of podcast listeners around the world who are searching your topic of expertise. This is an opportunity to establish thought leadership utilizing an intimate communication tool that puts you in prospective customers’ pockets and minds. With an ongoing podcast, your audience can tune in any time!

Free Distribution & Subscription


iTunes is the 800 lb. gorilla of podcasting. There are many other excellent podcast aggregators, and we can get you on all of them. But the free & simple subscription method provided by iTunes will generate more than 90% of your audience. We know the secrets of how to get high exposure rankings that will get you noticed by those searching iTunes each day!

Experience & Expertise


We started our careers in San Francisco radio during the 70s creating news, music, and public affairs programing. We’ve continued to develop and distribute cost effective episodic content for Network Syndication, Corporate Audio, and the Internet for companies, non-profits, and small businesses. Episodes from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, we can make Podcasting work for you!

“Podcasting is on the rise, as weekly audio podcast consumption grew 25% year-over-year…” Podcasts offer one-click, intimate communication that generates traffic and builds loyalty

Edison Research

March 2014
“After listening …for the last 2+ years, including taking them with me on business trips to London and Tokyo, I …just wanted to let you know that I have relished the fantastic content …and am looking forward to many years more.”

Scott Horn

Listener, Eagan, MN
“Podcasting continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with the total audience for podcasts increasing by 58% in under two years.”

Pew Internet Research Project
“69% of those listening to podcasts are willing to access a free podcast
 that contains a commercial from a sponsor”

Jacobs Media

Tech Poll
“We believe that podcasting is an excellent way to reach our niche market and offer tremendous return on our investment”

John Watts

Edwin Watts Golf
“Advertisers who want to go where the trends are pointing need to be more involved with the new forms of audio media as they continue to expand”

Pierre Bouvard

Sales & Marketing, Arbitron, Inc
“Through your audience we were able to reach an audience of active..consumers which provided us with an amazing forum to introduce our product”

John McGuire

CEO Game Golf
“It’s professionally done with great guests and topics – and there’s something you can take away in each and every episode.”

Review in iTunes

Golf Smarter Tips
Far too many podcasters quit before they have a chance to succeed because it takes more time than anticipated. Also because they just wanted to develop content not become a producer.

Wired Magazing

“Podfading Takes Its Toll” / February 2006

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