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Choosing, Training, & Caring for Your Adopted Shelter Dog

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Kim Saunders, author of “The Adopted Dog Bible” on choosing, training and caring for your sheltered or rescued dog.Adopted dogs generally arrive with baggage, so one should be prepared and never make an impulsive decision when adopting a rescued or sheltered dog. Of course, it always makes sense to know what you’re in for before getting a pup. Kim Saunders, VP of Shelter Outreach and PR for has written “The Adopted Dog Bible” and on this episode of the Good Dog Podcast, Joanne speaks with her about the kind of up front research that really helps to insure that you make the right decisions. It helps to realistically consider your time and money constraints before you take the leap, as well as the kind of environment and exercise you’ll be able to provide for your new family member.

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