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Dog Humor and Modern Dog Culture

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Claudia Kazczynska & Cameron Woo, publishers of The Bark magazine and authors of "Howl"

Dogs have always been funny but years ago, dog humor tended to be at the dog’s expense. Today, our dogs hold positions of honor in our lives and dog humor has evolved as well. On this episode of “Good Dog”, Joanne speaks with Cameron Woo and Claudia Kawczynska, publishers of “The Bark, the magazine of modern dog culture”, and authors of the NY Times best-seller “Dog is My Co-Pilot” and, most recently, “Howl: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit”. All proceeds from the sale of “Howl” will be donated to animal rescue organizations in the Gulf Coast area of the U.S., still recovering from Hurricane Katrina two years ago.

Listeners to this episode of “Good Dog” have a chance to win not only an autographed copy of “Howl” but a full year’s subscription to The Bark magazine. Deadline for entries is December 21. 2007. The winner will be announced on the Christmas episode, 2007. Simply send you name and mailing address to [email protected].

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