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GPS Tracking for Your Dogs

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It was only a matter of time before some enterprising soul figured out that GPS technology could provide dog owners a new level of protection. With Zoombak on your dog’s collar, you’ll be alerted by text message or cell phone call if he or she leaves the predesignated “safety zone”. Of course your dog should always be on leash when not enclosed in your yard, but things happen. You open your door to a deliver person and the dog might run off to chase a cat down the street. In this episode of the “Good Dog” podcast, John Cullen, Director of Marketing for Zoombak, explains how their system works and offers one “Good Dog” listener the chance to win a Zoombak, priced at $199. Having spent many years in the pet product industry, Cullen also discusses trends in dog toys and offers his recommendations and a glimpse at some new products that will soon be hitting the market.

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