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Kirk Jones’ Product Testimonial

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Kirk Jones has been providing a ton of great advice all year long on how to improve our fundamental golf swing, but in this episode he shares a new discovery that has him feeling better, hitting the ball farther and shooting lower scores.

You’re not going to believe how excited Kirk Jones is this week on his episode of Golf Smarter Tips. He’s recently discovered a line of natural, holistic products that have him feeling better and more alert. He’s also seen a huge change in his golf game. Both his swing speed and distance have increased.

We invite you to research the line of Univera Products for yourself and let us know what you think. To be introduced to their line of products, go to and enter your name and email address and this ID# 1345520 to log in. (You may want to lower the volume on your computer when you log in because music starts immediately.)

There are also a lot of videos about this company on YouTube, and there is also a website dedicated to technical and clinical information for medical practitioners at

We’d really love your honest feedback on this, your emails will go to both Kirk and me. We promise to get back to Kirk’s normal golf instruction next week, but he was so excited about the how much Ageless Xtra has improved his game, that I thought it would be fair to share it with you.

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