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Knocking Out the “Sport” of Dog Fighting

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Pit Bull advocate Kris Crawford teams up with mixed martial artists, including Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to ‘kock out’ dog fighting.
Sadly, dog fighting is alive and well in the U.S. It’s estimated that there are currently 40,000 professional and another 100,000 amateur dog fighters, including children and gang-affiliated teens. The Michael Vick case brought this to national attention and showed that pit bulls are often victimized in this sadistic activity. Kris Crawford, founder of For Pit’s Sake, has now launched “Knock Out Dog Fighting”. With the help of fighters like Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, she produces public service announcements and visits schools and juvenille detention facilities to break the cycle of violence. In this episode of “Good Dog” podcast, Kris and Anthony speak about dog fighting and their efforts to eradicate it.

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