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Operation: Tiny Teecup

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Hear what happens when authorities seize 800 tiny dogs from deplorable conditions. 

About 800 small dogs, primarily Chihuahuas, were seized from a mobile home in Southern Arizona when a woman, responding to an Internet ad to purchase a puppy, became suspicious. Authorities described the living conditions as among the worst they’d ever seen.

Marin Humane Society staff was dispatched to the Tucson area and transported as many dogs as they safely could back to Novato, California. Fifty or more of these tiny pups are in foster homes and more than 300 applications have come in from local families interested in adopting one. The story may have a happy ending, but there’s much to learn about preventing this sort of animal abuse and neglect. Kim Snyder, Director of Animal Care and Veterinary Services at the Marin Humane Society tells the whole story and provides great information about hoarding, how to avoid puppy mills, and how you can help when crises like these occur.

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