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Lori Cheung, The Pet Photographer, explains how to get the best shots of your dog.

The field of pet photography is exploding and Pet Photographer Lori Cheung,, is riding the wave. Lori captures the essence of a dog’s spirit and creates works of art for her clients who have included winners of the Academy, Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards. Her style is candid, playful, and exuberant. An everyday moment transforms into an extraordinary one when viewed through Lori’s “third eye,” her camera lens. She specializes in portrait sessions at beaches, parks, homes, vineyards, and other inspiring locations. Using intention and intuition, Lori’s portraits illuminate souls, capture magic, and reveal inner sparkle.
In this episode of the “Good Dog” podcast, Lori describes how she got into this field and how the rest of us can improve the photos we take of our dogs by paying attention to background, lighting, and camera settings.


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