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Pitbulls & Breed Specific Legislation

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Pitbulls & Breed Specific Legislation

Pit bull advocates and their nemesis discuss the breed, their image in the media, and legislative efforts to ban these dogs.

Years ago, Dobermans were the dogs to be feared. Then it was the Rotweiller. Today, pit bulls are in the proverbial dog house with advocates touting the sweetness of the breed and adversaries saying they have no place in our communities. Listen to experts on both sides of the fence discuss the breed and recent moves to legislate against pit bulls. Guests on this episode of the “Good Dog” Podcast include Mary Harwelik of The Real Pit, Marcy Setter of Pit Bull Rescue, and Oklahoma State Representative Paul Wesselhoft who, for many years, has been trying to make his constituency safe from pit bulls.

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