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Preparing Your Dog For The Baby’s Arrival, with Trish King

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A little preparation goes a long way in setting up baby and dog to be lifelong pals.

Helping a dog acclimate to the new smells, sounds, and demands of a baby takes a bit of time and forethought, according to Trish King, Director of Behavior and Training at the Marin Humane Society. There will be many changes in the dog’s life; best to begin instituting those changes before the baby arrives on the scene. Listen to this week’s “Good Dog” podcast episode for a wealth of information on how to keep baby safe from your well meaning but, perhaps, excitable pup.

One thought on “Preparing Your Dog For The Baby’s Arrival, with Trish King

  1. Interesting podcast. When I was pregnant with my first child, Sara I used a book called Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby. It was really helpful and came with a baby sounds and toy noises. Max (my fur child!) took some time to get used to the sounds but the book helped on how to do it. It gave me advice on what changes will occur and how to prepare my Max for them. It also talked about the causes for aggression and why it might occur and how to avoid it. It is written by a vet behaviorist too so it cover health issues as well – mayb that will help someone else!

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