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Prolonging the Lives of Our Dogs

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Ted Kerasote, author of “Merle’s Door”, “Out There” and “Why Dogs Die Young and What We Can Do About It”When a 10-year old Sussex spaniel won ‘best in show’ at Woodminster, the world applauded. After all, if 60 is the new 40 for humans, then 10 is the new 7 for dogs. Author Ted Kerasote contends that we can prolong the lives of our dogs and keep them both sharp and agile by working them physically and mentally, just as we do ourselves. His book, “Why Dogs Die Young and What We Can Do About It” charges inbreeding, environmental pollutants, commercial dog foods, and vaccinations as factors which cut short our dogs lives by giving them, among other diseases, cancers.We really appreciate your feedback and value your opinion. Could you please let others know what you think of the Good Dog podcast by writing a review in iTunes? 

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