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Swing Mechanics: Listener Question

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Changing the way you grip the golf club from swing to swing can have different effects on ball flight, as Kirk Jones of The Golf Institute of Technology explains.

Michael of Illinois went beyond the call of duty and sent in an audio file of his question on this episode of Golf Smarter Tips. He wanted to know if changing his grip to affect golf ball flight is a good thing to do. Changing your grip from swing to swing actually has a profound effect on which way your golf ball will travel, but as Kirk Jones of The Golf Institute of Technology explains, there is a good way and a bad way to go about it.

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If you have any questions that you’d like Kirk to answer on the show, please go to and click on the button labeled “Ask The Experts.” If we use your question on the podcast, you will receive a free copy of Kirk Jones’ DVD, “The Fundamental Golf Swing Modernized and Simplified.”

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